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The Kalon Studio

Our first #KalonStudio is coming this Spring 2024, where we will welcome our beautiful Tribe in a glamorous & iconic space to 𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘬𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘓𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘈 𝘋𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦𝘳. ⁣

"We are so proud to open our flagship studio in Paris after many years developing the Kalon brand in the city that, as dancers, we’ve always called home. We hope that Team K & our clients will feel transported into our world & feel fabulous inside- out while sculpting their bodies with a touch of showgirl glam’ " -

Sophie, Kalon CEO & co-founder

For the first time, go behind the scenes of a world little known to the general public, for an intimate, artistic experience in the brand new Kalon studio. At last you can enjoy a Kalon Barre® session in total immersion in the world of dancers, sculpting your body with their signature method and a touch of glamour.

Kalon is the first fitness concept in which coaches are dancers from the biggest Parisian cabarets and theatres. After 4 years of development in the top Parisian hotels and all over the world, Team K is opening its own studio in the heart of the capital, in a chic, glamorous location steeped in the history and experience of the two founders, Sophie and Emma.

Why open our own studio?

"The world of Kalon is very much influenced by the demanding level of professional dancers. It's an artistic vision of fitness and the desire to bring more lightness, joy and elegance to your workouts. This dedicated studio will enable each participant to (re)discover the Kalon method, and work on their muscles and cardio, in a world designed in the image of Parisian showgirls, with attention to every detail".



The Kalon method is designed to sculpt long, lean muscles, to work on a graceful posture like a professional dancer, while working on your cardio. 

Inspired by classical dance and Pilates, it uses repetitive movements and weights to work the muscles without them swelling, to lengthen and refine them, and regain a strong, graceful posture. The class is fast-paced, with rapidly changing movements and a perfect balance between fitness and cardio. 

Our coaches, always elegant and refined, immediately convey a sense of femininity and accomplishment, which is enhanced tenfold by the studio's decor. 

Bright lipstick, well-groomed hair, elegant outfits, a pretty pair of earrings - every detail counts to ensure that every woman feels inspired and fulfilled in the classes: the aim is to leave the studio feeling more elegant, having experienced a unique moment combining sport and sensuality. Each piece has been designed with this in mind.


We are the two founders, Sophie Fourçans-Dibdin and Emma Rigby, and we are passionate about conveying our expertise. Since 2018, we have been growing the concept and we are proud to have founded a close-knit, powerful team of inspiring women who share their passion day after day. 

"As a former ballet dancer trained at the Royal Ballet London, I trained in pilates (BASI pilates mat and reformer), as well as yoga and gyrotonics. Since we founded Kalon, I've been using my knowledge to develop our method and evolve our classes, so that clients can sculpt the body of a dancer".

- Emma Rigby, co-founder and creator of the method 

Being a coach for Team K is as demanding as getting into a Parisian cabaret! Each coach has at least twenty years' dance training. You have to be or have been a professional dancer, pass the exam at the end of the training course, meet the physical and aesthetic criteria, but also have personality, charisma, kindness...

The aesthetic will be very strong and nothing will be left to chance. Each room will have a scenography steeped in history, with details and elements reminiscent of this distinctive world, without ever falling into clichés.

The studio

Each class will take place in the studio, designed with a minimalist aesthetic and soft, feminine colours. The lighting and mirrors will symbolise a stage and the feeling of performing in front of an audience. With a high ceiling, each client will be able to work to their full height and take the space they need to gain confidence and improve their posture, in a feminine, refined and intimate atmosphere (maximum 10 people per class).

The dressing rooms

Otherwise known as "backstage", this space will be hushed, intimate, with materials such as velvet, in darker, more sensual colours echoing the codes of Parisian cabaret dressing rooms. Every detail counts, to recreate a world dedicated to glamour and softness, with unexpected elements to break with the traditional lines and spirit of the cabaret for a more modern feel.

The welcome space

The entrance to the studio will be bright, uncluttered and feminine. The elegant lines of the walls and ceilings will be underlined by softer curves, like a call to femininity and elegance. 

✨FROM DREAM TO REALITY, with team spirit, hard work and dedication, our fitness, entrepreneurial & passionate journey has led to this…⁣

See you there in Spring 2024!


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