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BACK ON TRACK mode - Kalon Barre

Updated: Mar 1

After the summer indulgences, it's time to reset and return to a balanced routine that nourishes your body, mind, and well-being. Whether you've been enjoying rosé by the pool, relaxing, or taking a break from your regular exercise routine, this month is the perfect opportunity to refocus and realign with healthier habits! In this article, we'll share a few tips to help you transition smoothly back to a balanced routine that promotes vitality, positivity, and a renewed sense of purpose. Back on track cardio barre.

Tips to Reclaim Balance in Your Routine

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Incorporate Movement Gradually

Allow your body to adjust after the holiday break and gradually increase intensity. Start with some short but intense Kalon Barre classes (Colombe prepared the perfect Challenge for you this month) and mix it up with softer workouts for a body-friendly journey back into a workout routine.

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris - Annalisa and Colombe
Annalisa & Colombe

Bring a friend along

Teaming up with a friend can provide motivation and accountability. Sharing your goals with someone can make the journey more enjoyable. Back on track cardio barre.

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Add diversity and novelty to your fitness

Monotony can be a real mood and motivation killer. Spice up your fitness schedule with disciplines you actually enjoy: Kalon Barre twice a week, a long dynamic walk on the weekend, why not join our monthly Showgirl Workshop to learn something new and keep it fun?. Embracing exercises you love increases the likelihood of staying committed.

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Mind-Body Practices

Engage in stress-reducing activities like meditation, deep breathing, or journaling. These practices promote mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and help you stay centred.

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Plan and Prep

Plan your meals and workouts for the week ahead, and prepare ingredients in advance to save time and ensure healthier choices. Having a plan in place makes it easier to stick to your balanced routine.


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