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October with Team K

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

As the leaves change colour and the air gets fresher, it's time to adapt your fitness and wellness routine to the beautiful transformations of autumn. The fall season brings cosy vibes, seasonal produce, and new outdoor adventures.

October with Team K - In this blog post, we'll guide you through a series of tips to help you embrace the autumn season while prioritizing your fitness and well-being. Stay warm and embrace the change of season:

Fall cleaning

Just as you spring-clean, consider a fall wellness reset. Clean and organise your living space and mind, making room for the cosy, peaceful feelings of the season.

Kalon Barre Fitness this autumn

Warm-Up and Stretch

As the weather cools, make sure to warm up properly before workouts to avoid injuries. Incorporate dynamic stretches to improve flexibility and circulation.

Kalon Barre Fitness this autumn

Kalon (Barre) for Warmth

High-Intensity sessions can help you stay warm on chilly days. The short bursts of intense exercise will get your heart rate up and your body temperature all the way up!

Kalon Barre Fitness this autumn

Embrace Autumn Flavors

Incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into your meals. Apples, pumpkins, squash, and root vegetables are all abundant during this time. Warmy and Yummy!

Kalon Barre Fitness this autumn

Stay Active Outdoors

Take advantage of the crisp air and vibrant autumn colors by spending time outdoors. Take your Kalon workouts outside (add an extra sweater to keep warm) , go for long walks, bike rides in parks or nature...

Kalon Barre Fitness this autumn


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