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Lean Legs for Spring with Kalon Cardio Barre

Updated: May 23, 2023

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Spring is here, bringing along its sunny days, blooming flowers & short skirts!

And to celebrate the change of season Kalon style, we dedicated this month to an element of our body that is key for our team of professional dancers : LEGS! So let’s sculpt, tone & honour them to be ready for a leg reveal just in time for summer.

Check out Kalon’s best combo of tips & workouts to add to your routine:

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like: an exfoliation method that involves using a body brush to gently massage your skin. A daily practice can boost blood circulation, lymphatic drainage & exfoliation of dead skin. Perfect for a smooth healthy and glowy skin!

It’s recommended to do it before your shower to rinse all the toxins & dead skin away afterwards.

We recommend Atelier Nubio’s dry brush for a ferme but non aggressive scrub


Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Cold shower & Ice bath

It is well known that a cold shower or an ice bath session after an intense workout helps the muscles relax and recover.

One another benefit of cold water immersion & the blood flow stimulation it allows, is healthier skin which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Sculpt deeper

Commit to a Kalon Cardio Barre & Pilates based fitness routine to work on deeper muscles and sculpt toned legs like professional dancers do during years of intense training.

Join Team K member Ambre in her “Legs for days” challenge for a focused & super efficient workout week, available online now!


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