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Face Yoga For Plump Lips

Join Caro, ex-ballerina and principal dancer & singer at the Lido de Paris for a quick tutorial on how to plump your lips with these simple Face Yoga exercises.

Try to incorporate this into your daily beauty routine to see a difference quickly in your lips but also in the shape of your mouth, turning the corners of your lips slightly upwards to give you a warm and open expression!

  1. Making a scissor shape with your fingers start soothing the skin gently from the centre of your lips to the ears.

  2. With two fingers, gently stretch the fine lines around the lips.

  3. Place the index finger above the upper lip (to avoid folds), tilt the head back slightly purse your lips into a kiss 10 times. Repeat 2x

Showgirl’s Secret: Don’t forget the red lipstick before you show off those freshly plumped lips !


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