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Lymphatic drainage facial: Video

What is lymphatic drainage?

A lymphatic drainage facial is a relaxing massage that helps eliminate toxins and encourages both good health and glowing skin. The lymphatic system is an important part of your body’s immune system that is often overlooked during healthcare maintenance. It consists of a network of hundreds of lymph nodes, as well as vessels and tissues that help the body detoxify.

On the face and neck, lymph nodes are concentrated around the jaw, under the chin, and down the sides and front of the neck. When the lymphatic system has become overtaxed, you experience a buildup of fluid and toxins in these nodes. The result is puffiness, dull complexion and uncomfortable pressure around the eyes. Manual drainage of these nodes speeds up detoxification, boosts the immune system, and gives skin back its healthy glow.

Follow this 10 minute video tutorial with Sinara to learn how to drain excess fluids from your face, resulting in more defined contours and a brighter complexion:


The Brazilian Touch In Paris.

Based in Neuilly Sur Seine, Sinara is Brazilian and specialises in Brazilian detoxyfying facials and slimming massages.

The Kalon team in Paris LOVE to go to Sinara as a luxury beauty treat and we highly recommend her. Make sure you book far in advance!

Contact her on: + 33 6 83 73 89 45


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