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A November Energy Boost

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

This month is all about getting a good boost... And step up our game! A Kalon workout is all about infusing elegance, energy, and Parisian elegance into your fitness routine. But what if we take it up a notch? Whether you're a #KalonTribe aficionado or just a newbie, there are plenty of ways to challenge yourself and maximize the benefits of your workout. In this blog post, we'll share a few tips to elevate your Kalon workout and embrace a new level of fitness and fun.

resistance intensifies your routine

1. Add Resistance: Incorporate our favourite accessories to each class: elastic bands, light weights or ankle weights and try to use them as much as possible for an Energy Boost throughout your workout. This added resistance intensifies your routine and helps sculpt deeper and stronger muscles

Increase Repetitions

2. Increase Repetitions: Challenge yourself by increasing the number of repetitions for each exercise. More reps mean more time under tension, which can lead to greater muscle development.

kalon dancer exercise

3. Try The Advanced Option: Almost every Kalon class offers different levels of difficulty and options. Level up and commit to challenge yourself with a more advanced option, even though it might feel uncomfortable at first. This will boost your mood as much as your routine: you will be proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone.


4. Think big: Focus on extending and elongating your movements during each exercise. For instance, deepen your plies and stretch your port-de-bras, to engage more muscle fibers and enhance flexibility.

exercise routine rest per sets

5. No rest for the wicked: Reduce the time you spend resting between sets. Shorter rest intervals keep your heart rate up and enhance the overall intensity of your workout.

challenge your balance

6. Find your balance: Try using the barre or whatever you use for support, as little as possible to challenge your balance which will engage your core even more.

smile releases feel-good endorphins

7. Smile Beyond the Pain: Just like dancers, use your smile as a mental tool to go beyond physical pain. A smile releases those feel-good endorphins that not only make your workout more enjoyable but also help you push through any temporary discomfort. It's your secret weapon for infusing your routine with positivity, elegance, and that artistic touch, making your fitness journey more enjoyable and fun!

kalon mobile app

8. Plank it out At the end of each class, add a plank challenge. Hold a plank position for as long as you can, pushing your core strength and mental endurance. It's a powerful way to finish your Kalon workout on a strong and graceful note.


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