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An ex-professional dancer at the Lido de Paris, Sophie completed a Master's degree in Translation and Intercultural Management at the Sorbonne and ISIT alongside her dance career before moving to the USA, developing incentive programmes and running events for high-end clients such as Microsoft and Porsche all over Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C & Toronto.

 Working closely with female entrepreneurs, Sophie used her time in the US to gain a deeper understanding  of  business creation and development. 


After discovering the popular ‘Barre’ workout, she was inspired to bring a similar class to Paris and create a workout that combined the essence of the upbeat and motivating US style of fitness with the glamorous and elegant Parisian ‘je ne sais quoi’ .


Her drive, ambition and ability to assess the needs of the business and recruit accordingly have allowed her to spearhead the company.

How the team describes her: Hard-working, open-minded & a natural leader!

Sophie Kalon CEO
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