My Chef Is A Showgirl

Kalon is about feeling good inside and out, and we tend to look better when we are smiling. What makes us smile? Food. Good food. And a cocktail. So go forth and eat, be happy and don’t forget to reapply your lipstick after dinner...

PRESALEScover kalon.jpeg

As professional dancers, we have to stay strong & healthy to be in the best shape possible, and combining regular workouts with delicious and nutritious foods is key to feeling and looking happy, which is what Kalon is all about.


 This e-book is a collection of the Team K girls' favourite recipes, tips and tricks. You'll find over 100 pages of recipes for breakfast & brunch, sweet treats and energy boosting juices, dinner with friends or cocktails with the girls. You'll find our personal wellness tips, exercise recommendations balance out your day, as well as a food diary and a flat tummy programme to aid digestion and keep you feeling at your best, just like a showgirl before going on stage.

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed putting it together !

With love from Team K. xxx