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The perfect alignment of Mind Body & Soul.

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Kalon - the ideal of physical and inner beauty as conceived by the great philosophers of ancient Greece. ‘Kalon’ perfectly encapsulates the essence of the brand created by Sophie and Emma. We know that true beauty is much more than skin deep and comes from the perfect harmony of your Mind, Body & Soul.

Kalon offers so much more than just great workouts - it represents a way of life that is conscious, sustainable and above all enjoyable. The movement is based on three important pillars that truly capture the ‘Kalon’ lifestyle : athleticism, artistry & femininity.

Athleticism comes from the repertoire of classes created and carefully curated by Artistic Director Emma.

Based on a professional dancers workout these classes will really allow you to deeply sculpt long and toned muscles. Kalon’s classes are dynamic, intense and incorporate a variety of step sequences that will not only train your body but also your mind, as remembering choreographies are a vital part of a professional dancer's training.

Kalon’s teachers are all professional artists who have graced some of the world's most prestigious stages, really adding a sense of creativity and artistry to Kalon’s training. Classes allow everyone a glimpse behind the curtain and into the enticing and mysterious world of cabaret and theatre.

Finally, Kalon will allow you to find and express your own femininity.

Trusting your own strength, sensuality and beauty without comparing yourself to others, or to unattainable beauty standards is an integral part of femininity and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Our classes create an incredible environment of female support and will allow you to tone and sculpt your body while working on your strong and graceful posture. Classes like Kalon’s Showgirl Workout will help you learn how to move with finesse and elegance while exploring your inner goddess : sensual, strong, delicate or tender, but always in harmony with your femininity.

Align your Mind, Body & Soul with the brand new Kalon App ! With a huge repertoire of workouts this is your opportunity to #workoutlikeadancer - from your living room to your hotel room, any time, any place.

Written by Charlène, Edited by Amy From Team K


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