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Push your limits with Cardio Barre while staying safe and balanced

Updated: May 23, 2023

With the arrival of summer, we want to push the intensity of our Kalon Cardio Barre workout routine to the maximum and really challenge ourselves. This month we will help you push your own limits while staying safe and balanced.

Kalon Cardio Barre
Kalon Cardio Barre

Emma and Montaine from Team K

Join our new full body challenge from on the app, led by Kalon co-founder and Cardio Barre creator Emma to dive into an intensive week and witness amazing progresses and long lasting results that will make you feel fabulous inside-out.

& because we also want to make sure you are safe and mindful of your body wellbeing, here are a few tips for you to workout safely:

Stay hydrated

Kalon Cardio Barre

When you are dehydrated, you are more tired than usual and you have less energy. Going into a workout dehydrated can significantly affect your performance. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as well as during and after your workout.

> Other great drinks beside water for optimum hydration: coconut water, fruit-infused water, caffein-free tea.

Make time for a warmup

Kalon Cardio Barre

Cassie, Annalisa and Lucie from Team K

A good warmup is important to prepare your body for exercising, can increase your performance and reduce your risk of injury. The goal is to elevate your heart rate, which sends signals to the rest of your body that it is time to start moving.

To know if you are ready to dive into more intense exercising, just remember: if you are not sweating by the end of your warmup, then you are not warmed up. Start your Kalon Cardio Barre classes now to discover what a great warmup can be !

Check your form and posture

Kalon Cardio Barre

Charlotte from Team K

It is always essential to be very mindful of your form and posture, as improper workout positions and technique can lead to injury. An easy way to check your posture in studio or at home is by doing your workout in front of a mirror. Although being aware of how it physically feels when your body is properly aligned and your position correct, a mirror is a very helpful tool. This is why professional dance studios are always equipped with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Take time to recover

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Ambre from Team K

Recovery should be considered as an essential element of a healthy efficient fitness routine. Your workout should be something that benefits both your mind and body. Make make sure to balance your workout with moments of rest, relaxation, stretching or even massages to optimize your recovery and therefore your fitness performance.

Increase Gradually

Kalon Cardio Barre Paris

Your body will experience a great training effect if you gradually increase your time, intensity and frequency of workouts. A fit and strong body will never be built in a day and doing too much too soon will increase your risk of injury and complications.

Make sure to listen to your body and to be realistic about how far you can push yourself. Each day might also feel different depending on your cycle and on how well you slept or ate for example.

Don't rush, be kind to yourself and enjoy your balanced fitness journey!


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