Happy Easter, Ode to green !

We all know that one friend who can’t stand even looking at a green vegetable.

Well, I suggest you make that friend eat her veggies without even noticing it, with this chocolate cake recipe made with avocado !

Ingredients :

1 big and ripe avocado

10g baking powder

100g whole meal flour T150 (or half-whole meal flour T110)

100g sugar

1 vanilla pod

4 eggs

200g dark chocolate

½ glass of oat milk

Instructions :

- Preheat the oven to 180°

- Peel the avocado and mix it in order to get a creamy texture

- Melt chocolate in a bain-marie.

- In a large bowl mix eggs and sugar.

- Crush the vanilla bean, then cut it lengthwise.

- Scrape the vanilla seeds with a knife and add it to the preparation.

- Gradually add the whole meal flour, baking powder, melted chocolate and avocado cream.

- Add half a glass of oat milk.

- Pour the mixture into a greased pan (with butter).

- Bake the cake about 20-25 minutes (check to make sure the core is still nice and gooey!)

- Enjoy !

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