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Chamomile and lemon natural hair highlighter.

​Brew a cup of chamomile tea for roughly 15-20 mins.

Add one tea spoon of lemon juice (no more than that - as lemon in higher quantities will dry out your hair)

Pour into an old jam jar or a travel bottle. Apply to wet hair.After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, rinse it with the chamomile lemon tea (I tend to avoid my scalp). The chamomile does not need to be rinsed out - it will continue to work when hair is dry. Blondes can see hair lighten about half a shade, while brunettes might see a subtle brightening of their natural highlights. The tea should last for about 4 washes so don’t go overboard with how much you use. I usually keep my tea for a week before starting a new batch. by Amy from Team K. Dancer at the Lido de Paris xxx


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