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CBD Oil, Your New Wellness Asset

Updated: May 4, 2023

A little scientific reminder!

Cultivated hemp (Cannabis sativa) is a species of herbaceous plants of the Cannabaceae family; the term “hemp” is now preferably used to designate the industrial plant and its vegetable fiber, while “cannabis” is the scientific name of the genus, used to designate the psychotropic form, used as a drug or for medical purposes.

Cannabis is a plant with many beneficial therapeutic virtues for humans and is increasingly used in modern medicine. Since the end of March, doctors eligible for the ANSM (National Security Agency of Drug and Health Products) can prescribe it in an experiment that will last two years!

According to Christelle Ratignier-Carbonneil, General Director of ANSM, the whole plant is used in the experiment, the two main active compounds of which are cannabidiol, CBD, and THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid.

The difference between CBD and THC:

The THC molecule is responsible for the psychotropic effect of cannabis and is not contained in CBD oil, making it a wellness product rather than a drug, which lies outside the spectrum of medical use.

This is because CBD acts on endocannabinoid receptors in the body and not in the brain: CBD is an antipsychotic. It also presents no danger, because it does not cause any addiction.

The list of benefits of using CBD is extensive! It is recognized as a neuroprotector and helps reduce anxiety, depression and may help improve sleep. An anticonvulsant, it helps reduce epileptic seizures in people with epilepsy, it is also an antioxidant, anti-tumor, calms pain and is anti-inflammatory (is that all??)!

What dosage for CBD oil?

Most brands sell CBD oil in the format of a dropper bottle, which is marked with the strength in the product. For example, a 10% oil normally contains 1000mg of CBD per 10ml vial; knowing that such a bottle contains around 200 drops, each drop contains around 5mg of CBD.

Therefore, I advise you to start with the lowest dosage, 5% and to place 3 drops under the tongue in case of period pain, for example, or if you have trouble falling asleep.

Be careful if you are on treatment!

However, some studies have raised safety concerns with the use of CBD, especially for those with liver damage and in relation to interactions with other drugs. If you are interested in trying CBD and are taking treatment, it is essential to discuss this with your doctor.

There are very few side effects associated with the use of CBD; this may be fatigue, a change in appetite, or bowel problems.

Which brand to choose and why use it ?

I have PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; I was diagnosed three years ago, when I wanted to stop taking the contraceptive pill and my body was overwhelmed by a kind of hormonal tidal wave!

And it turns out that conventional medicine recommends taking the contraceptive pill as a treatment for PCOS... You see the paradox...?

Since then, I have been trying to regulate this disorder without synthetic hormones and with gentle and natural methods, so that my body can find its own way. CBD oil was one of my first discoveries; I quickly felt that it could calm all my anxieties and that it was a product that could accompany me on a daily basis.

After testing several different brands, I recommend TUDO BEM Paris CBD oil, because the quality is there: the laboratory with which the brand collaborates is in Europe and it cultivates its own plants for a perfect traceability. The creators of the brand have chosen this laboratory carefully to find the best oil in terms of taste, effects and without THC in its composition.

Certain oils have a particularly bitter taste, which is not the case with Tudo Bem, as it contains hemp vegetable oil, which, for me, reinforces its soothing effect. Finally, knowing that one of the virtues of hemp vegetable oil is to relieve inflammation, it is a perfect ally to regulate PCOS!

Charlotte from Team K. for Tudo Bem

by Charlène, Team K


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