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Beauty Rituals by Charlène

Meet Charlène, content writer at Team K., student at the prestigious Sciences Po. Paris, and ex-principal dancer at the Lido de Paris. Let's learn about her daily beauty routine !

"I have been a dancer at the Lido de Paris since I was 19. Thanks this institution, I have had the opportunity not only to dance on the legendary Parisian stage, but also to travel the world whilst living out my passion for dance. From Moscow to Macau to Dubai, I have been very lucky to be able to wear beautiful feathered and bejewelled costumes..."

"I have also been a student at Sciences Po university for 2 years now, and it's my biggest accomplishment !

This type of transition isn't easy, but it is essential for us, as dancers, as we will inevitably need to reinvent ourselves and embrace a new career."

"To maintain this double life and two passions, I need to take care of my mind a body with a healthy lifestyle."


  • For glowing skin, I use the "Vinosource" products by Caudalie. I particularly love their SOS Thirst Quenching Serum which I use in the morning before applying my day cream.

  • I also recommend applying a facemark once a week, because the high concentration in active ingredients allow better absorption and therefore, better results! I use the Caudalie "Hydrating Cream Mask".

  • To make sure your skin is in optimum condition, don't forget to drink plenty of water all day long. I start and end my days with herbal tea: in the morning I recommend ginger tea, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, and to give you energy for your day. You can also add honey and lemon. In the evening, i suggest a thyme infusion, which is rich in antioxydants and will aid digestion.

I hope these tips will help you stay looking fresh and glowing even with a hectic lifestyle.

And as the Roman poet Juvenal once said: "a healthy mind in a healthy body". I try therefore to nourish my mind in the day, and always make an effort to do some form of exercise, which helps me feel better in my body and avoid backache from being sat in class all day!


Charlène from Team K.



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