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Beauty Rituals by Caroline

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Soloist, singer and lead at the Lido de Paris, Caroline reveals her beauty secrets and Clear Skin routine!

"On stage, when you're wearing so much makeup and working nights, you can end up with damaged, dull and sensitive skin, which is why it is o important to build good skincare habits and beauty "rituals" !"

My morning ritual

Before applying any creams, I drink my anti-ageing supplement by Day+ For Care and take my Nubio "Glow Booster" supplement to hydrate my skin from the inside.

To rinse my face I use only Avène Thermal Water as it makes my skin feel fresh and plump without drying it out.

Depending on my cycle my skin can be more or less sensitive. I can be prone to redness, in which case I use the Larosée Camomile calming spray after the Avène Thermal Water.

Then, I apply Tolériane Untra eye contour cream as my eyes get quite sensitive, especially after wearing a lot of makeup. I apply the cream in a light, circular motion with a gentle massage. This does wonders for any eye bags as it gets the blood moving.

For face and neck, I apply the Simple Serum by Aime Skincare. Once it has fully absorbed, I apply the Aime Simple cream.

During the day

I use the Aqua Aeria spray by Sanoflore all day as it is a great barrier to pollution. I love the scent and its very relaxing in certain stressful situations in the day, as well as giving your skin a great glow!

My evening ritual

In the evening, to remove my makeup, as use the Typologie Micellar Water as it is gentle and pleasant to use. Then, I rinse my face with the Avène Thermal Water spray.

For the eye contour, I use the Eye Sleeping Mask by Laneige to de-puff and hydrate. I apply it with a light massage thanks to its little ceramic roller.

Finally, I apply the Anti-Wrinkle Retinol serum by Typologie on my face and neck. I don't apply another cream on top as I feel the serum is sufficient for me.

If my skin is showing signs of irritation I'll apply the Cicapair Tiger Grass treatment by Dr.Jart+

A little beauty treat...

Two or three times a year I'll treat myself to a luxurious treatment with Sinara Beguin at Neuilly-Sur-Seine.

Usually I'll go for her signature "Hydrafacial", a treament which deep-cleanses the skin whilst calming and re-hydrating it.

Her hands are magical and I always leave there with glowing, fresh and super-hydrated skin, I love it! All her treatments are absolutely phenomenal.

Love from Caro

Team K xxx


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