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3 tips to stay balanced during the holidays

Updated: May 4, 2023

The holiday season is right around the corner…a festive moment to enjoy food, family & friends and to take some time off. Although it might be challenging to keep a full on healthy routine, you still can stick to a few “rules” in order to stay balanced while indulging without guilt!

Here are our 3 tips to help you stay balanced during the holiday festivities:


Keep your fitness routine minimalistic & your sessions short to stay motivated. Planning your schedule in advance will also help you show up.

For example:

30 mins class 3/week


15 mins class 5/week


Christmas is a family holidays, so what not make your workout part of the fun? Set up a family challenge & a special prize for those who stick to the programme. Here are some of our favourite videos on the Kalon app to do as a family :

If you want something high energy:

A super fun class with a high-energy playlist if you all want to sweat and burn calories with our fun and fabulous Emma.

If you want a man on the screen to convince the men in your life:

Get brothers, dads and husbands involved and join our energetic duo Chris and Emma for a strong workout you can all do with a smile !

If you're looking for something slow and relaxing:

Have some Yoga-curious members in the family? This moderate level class led by Jess will ease beginners into the movements while satisfying more advanced Yogis with its tension-releasing positions and pleasant scenery.


Train in the art of doing nothing...without the guilt!

Turn your phone off, make no plan & watch the world go by… Or your favourite Christmas movies!


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