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3 energy shots you need in you NOW

Updated: May 4, 2023

For these shots you will need a juicer! We love to use the Aicok slow masticating juicer.

For most juicers you don’t even need to peel your fruit/veg, which makes these recipes so much easier to make. Even lemons can go in unpeeled, just make sure you buy them organic.

We love to use ginger in all our shots because it’s an excellent ingredient to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. Plus, we love that spicy kick!

Simple energy boosting ginger lemon shot

For 1 shot:

12g fresh ginger root

1 organic lemon

Press the ginger and the lemon through your juicer to obtain the desired liquid!

If this is too strong for you, you may want to dial down the tang with an added fruit or vegetable as in the suggestions below:

Beetroot booster shot

For 1 shot

Thumb of fresh ginger root

Small thumb of turmeric root

1 organic lemon

Chunk of beetroot (approx 60g)

¼ medium cucumber

Chop your ingredients and press them through the juicer and enjoy!

Beetroot will add to the anti-inflammatory benefits of the ginger and add a touch of natural sweetness to the mix. The cucumber brings in extra mineral-rich hydration.

Now let’s pack in more vitamin C and some extra iron with a handful of spinach!

Green shot

12g fresh ginger root

1 organic lemon

¼ medium green apple

Handful of spinach

1 stalk celery

Add all the ingredients to the juicer. Add more apple if you prefer a sweeter taste.

Now sit down, sip your chosen potion and scribble down those new year goals!


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