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Martine de Richeville

The collaboration

The collaboration between Martine de Richeville and Kalon is part of a sincere approach: to initiate a new way of taking care of oneself by combining their favourite worlds and sharing their vision of inside-out beauty.

By combining body sculpting massage sessions with a regular fitness routine, the body and mind regain their balance, the figure regains its tone, the body is toned and refined, and self-image is enhanced.

Martine de Richeville joins forces with Team Kalon to get your body fit and toned for the new school year.

Our story

& Kalon

The principle?

To work on the deep tissues with body sculpting massage, and on toning muscle mass with Cardio Barre classes.

The objective?

To reappropriate one's body in a positive way, to gain elegance, to restore the balance between body and mind.

KALON Programme




- Ten one-hour Martine de Richeville remodelage massage sessions

- One year of access to the Kalon fitness application with dedicated programmes

- A 30 minute coaching session with Kalon to guide you towards the right fitness and programme choices according to your goals.

Classic Programme

MDR Program Book now
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