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[kA-lon] noun

Beauty that is more than skin-deep

kalon dancers france paris

like a dancer

Kalon is a Parisian fitness brand which has designed workouts to sculpt long, lean muscles and a graceful posture like a professional dancer, based on their training methods.


With classes online and in-studio, Kalon’s classes are taught by a team of professional dancers from worldwide renowned theaters and cabarets, providing students with not only intensely sculpting classes but also a focus on posture, femininity and graceful movement.

kalon dancers france paris cardio
kalon dancers france paris


Access our wide repertoire of VOD workouts to sculpt your body from anywhere in the world with Team K.

kalon dancers france paris


Weekly group & private classes in partnership with some of Paris' most coveted luxury hotels & lifestyle locations, for a unique fitness experience.

kalon dancers france paris


Retreats and luxury getaways for longer & more immersive experiences with Team K

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