Workout Like A Dancer


Kalon is a Parisian fitness & lifestyle brand which has created workouts designed to sculpt long, lean muscles and a graceful posture like a professional dancer.


Offering classes online and in-studio, Kalon’s classes are taught by industry professionals from some of the most prestigious theatres and stages, providing students with not only intensely sculpting workouts but also a focus on posture, femininity and graceful movement. The team's expertise and Parisian joie de vivre make Kalon classes a luxury experience, leaving students feeling toned, confident and glamorous!

Created by two British showgirls, friends and businesswomen Emma & Sophie, Kalon also works closely with luxury hotels by enhancing their wellness and fitness programmes.  These fabulous venues are provided with a tailor-made fitness plan, incorporating a variation of the fantastic dance-based workouts from the Kalon Method, including the iconic ‘Cardio Barre’ class and a new sensually sculpting ‘Showgirl Workout’.

Our group of highly trained professional dancers have graced the stages of the world’s most iconic theatres and cabarets such as the Lido, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse, Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and the Rockettes.

Our classes will not only sculpt your body like that of a dancer but will also instill an essence of elegance in your workout, whilst sharing our expertise and joie de vivre!


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